Wednesday, August 09, 2006

I'm back!

I have been away for a couple of weeks, due to activities in my professional life - read too much work to cope with and little or no freetime!

This means that my planned projects in IGAM has been put on hold for a couple of weeks, and no posts have been made to the Blog. But now I'm back and will post more regularly in the coming weeks - as far as I can see now.

The projects planned for the Blog will be undertaken one by one, allthough the RSS feeds may take a little longer than initially planned, as I may need to buy some software to make this feasible. I'm still researching the opportunities.

However, the business is still good now with 5 members, 3 up from last info. And all 3 is result of offline promoting. So offline promoting can be very effective as well! Some of the members have already presented themselves in the Forum, which is a good signal for the future. I'll be back with more updates later as more members are joining.

Finally I want to say thank you to my fellow IGAM-er Cindy for her comments in the Blog regarding IGAM. Her comments are to the point, and I will only add that not only Dave Gray but lot of capable IGAM-er are available in the Forum to help out with any issue that you may have. This is likely one of the best features with this program - the community that is created and the friends you meet in the Forum!

So I hope she and other IGAM-er will visit my blog and post their comments, both regarding the Blog and IGAM. This will show that there is an active Forum helping the members to succeed.

Bye for now

rolf kb

Sunday, July 16, 2006

The Blog - updates and coming projects

A major change of the Blog has been made, by using a simpler template with a totally different layout I hope this will function better than the previous template. And now all the links are functioning!

My next update of the blog will be to include RSS-feeds from relevant sources. This will take some days to achieve, but then there will be frequently updates of the blog that should earn it some backlinks and positions in the search engines.

I will also try to get the blog listed by Technorati and the other social bookmarking sites. This will apparently give me backlinks from a lot of page rank 4 and above authority sites.

These experiments will be interesting to follow so visit frequently and follow the progress!

Cheers rolfkb

My next projects with IGAM

I have started reading the 20 steps, and within the next two weeks I will be through with that, and I will also be qualified within this period.

Being qualified means that I pay my nearest qualified sponsor $20 and $5 in adminstrative fee. This is the only payment I ever do in IGAM, and after that I can earn $20 towards infinity!

rolf kb

Contact from Dave Gray

I have also been contacted by the founder of the program, Dave Grey, and he commented that the Blog looks good! He also pointed out why one of my links did not work - so no it works - thanks Dave! You find a link to him in the link section to the right.

My hope is that I can keep the Blog looking good, that it is current and give a valuable contribution to the IGAM-comuinity. Based on that I hope that Dave and the other leaders on the IGAM team, as well as the team members, can visit the Blog frequently and contribute with comments. It could be a 'window to the world' for the IGAM-community!

Cheers rolfkb

New sponsor and two new members on my team!

I am quite exited today, as I Yesterday got myself a sponsor in IGAM -- and guess what; she's also living in Abu Dhabi -- how cool is that?

In addition I have got two new members to my team, and I have already sent the first contact emails to them. I hope that I get some positive response back from them in a couple of days.

All the members in my group will get access to this Blog and can post here and have their links included in the posts. I hope to get some momentum for the Blog if they take me up on it.

Cheers rolfkb

Saturday, July 15, 2006

My first post to the blog


this is rolf with the first post to this blog.

I have found the 'secret' how to become successful on the Internet. What is it you ask? What is it?

I help as many people I can to become successful, as this is the safe route to having success yourself. How do you help people you ask? Simple - I give away 20$ bills - to people that deserve to be helped! How can I decide who deserves my help?

Here is where the system comes in. I do this on my website, ' I give away money' where YOU go through a screening process, to show that YOU are serious about having a successful business on the Internet. The website is basically a description of the system, and it concentrates on finding out how I best can help YOU, by presenting the philosphy behind the program - how you can help other people become successful - and then go through a set of questions with you.

If you answer these questions in a satisfactory manner you will be invited to join the
program that costs - you guessed it - $ 20! But nobody will ask you for your money; no I will pay the membership fee of $20 plus the administration fee of $5, totally $25. You are given a brand new website with a much more comprehensive review of the program. And it is not a website with a time limit on, or with crippled functionality; - it is a fully functional website for you to keep as long as you want. You can take your time finding out if you will help others become successful, i.e if YOU will offer to pay the entrance fee for a new member. When yo read it in your website it is a no-braiber -- but the choice is yours entirely. And there is no time limit, allthough it pays to act quickly to the offer.

You can go here to see the website! When you are there please take some time to read through the material on the website and answer the questions you find at the end. This can virtually change your life if you take me up on the offer of a membership!

But then it is up to you if 'you get it', because nothing worth while achieving in life comes without some work. And as a business person you need to reconcile yourself with the fact that establishong a business - even on the Internet - will cost you money. But the expenses to establish a business on 'the net' is far below the cost of establishing a 'brick and mortar' business off-line!

But are you still here? Shouldn't you go and check out the criteria for getting this gift of twenty dollar? Go there NOW. Here is the link again!